Mathematics Preschool

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Hi there kids,

Mathematics is one of my favourite subjects. Because it teaches us to count the things around us.

Mathematics is spread over all the grades in our school. Like Addition and Subtraction in Grade 1, Multiplication and Division in Grade 2 etc. It advances in each grade.

In this grade, we will learn about Fractions.

A fraction represents a part of a whole thing. When something is broken up into a number of parts, the fraction shows how many of those parts you have.

So let’s get started. I’m sure you’ll love it. 

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Hi, I am Jennie Hall ( and I am a virtual Pre School Class Teacher. I teach Counting to my students. I became an online e-teacher for a very simple (albeit perhaps somewhat cliché) reason – I want to make a difference worldwide. I feel online education is one in which I can have the greatest impact. Teaching requires patience, understanding, compassion, and enthusiasm. I provide all these attributes to my students. My goal is to highlight the strengths that make my students passionate, efficient and enthusiastic learners. From years of experience, I choose the topics that kids need to make the greatest improvement in the shortest time. One can save time, money, and effort by watching these lessons. – Enjoy!